India Chapter of the International Federation of Film Critics

E-CineIndia (April-June 2019)

ISSN: 2582-2500

8. A scene from Haobam Paban Kumar's Loktak Lairembee
Meghachandra Kongbam- A Glimpse of Manipuri Cinema
10. Cover
Premendra Mazumder- Search for the Truth or Maya? A Conversation with Babusenan Brothers
8. Parched
Rita Datta- Female Gaze: A Paradigm Shift
Siraj Syed- Ameen Sayani: Voice of Three Generations
2. Miranda House
Rekha Deshpande- Miranda House: Hide and Seek between Truth and Pretence
3. The Narrow Red Line
Latika Padgaonkar- FAJR International Film Festival 2019
G P Ramchandran- The Fearless Fighter
1 (1)
Pradip Biswas- Synonymes: Nadav Lapid’s Look Within
Manoj Barpujari- ISHTI: A Social Critique
1. Mania holding the Fipresci certificate with the juries, the organizers and the participants
Meena Karnik- Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival Ankara 2019
1. Mrinal sen
Siladitya Sen- The First Political Filmmaker in Indian Cinema
4. Shob Charitro Kalponik
Anuradha Kunda- Shifting Centres: A Study in the Depiction of Domestic Helps in Indian Films
Statement After My Poet Husband's Death by Tasmiah Afrin Mou
Sadia Khalid- The Road Not Taken by Bangladeshi Cinema
Chinmoy Guha- Cinema and the Politics of Seduction
Kankabati Banerjee- Tracing the Bylanes of ‘Manohar & I’
2 (1)
Pradip Biswas- Agnes Varda: The Maverick Director Died At 90