India Chapter of the International Federation of Film Critics

E-CineIndia (January-March 2021)

ISSN. 2582-2500
January-March 2021

Editorial Board:
M K Raghavendra
Madhu Eravankara
Manoj Barpujari
Meena Karnik
N Vidyashankar
Prem Chand

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Premendra Mazumder


1. Martin P. Botha- Chronicles of Apartheid and Colonial South Africa: Remembering Manie Van Rensburg.

2. Sourapravo Chatterjee- Structural Analysis of Ritwik Ghatak’s Cinema:  Special Reference to ‘Subarnarekha’. Chidananda Dasgupta Memorial Competition on Film Criticism 2020 3. Jhinuk Mukherjee (Certificate of Merit)- Super Deluxe: Portrayal of An Existential Maze.4. Nayan Jain (Certificate of Merit)- Cargo: A Blemished Approach to An Overwhelming Future.5. Upasana Das  (Certificate of Merit)- Thappad. Article6. Anil Zankar- The Architectonics of Rashomon -Part II.7. P K Pokker- Reading Dystopia and Reality from Alphaville to Android Kunjappan.8. Sovan Tarafder- Locating Homo Ethicus: Ray’s Nayak and Chatterjee’s Rajkumar.9. Rekha Datta-  Re-Mediating Realities: Aesthetics of Cinematic Narratives.10. Ujjal Chakraborty-  Ashoke Bose: The Iconic Art Director of Bengal.11. Pruthvi Bharadwaj K V- A Study of Masculinities in Ratheesh Ravi’s Ishq and  Madhu C Narayanan’s Kumbalangi Nights.12. Bhagyalakshmi Makam-  Paava Kadhaigal: Sinful Tales or REAL Tales?13. Subrat Jyoti Neog- The Surrealist Elements in Bhaskar Hazarika’s Films: An Analytical Study.14. Dipankar Sarkar- Depicting the Bengal Origin Muslims of Assam through Cinema.15. Parthajit Baruah- The Question of Assameseness: Cosmopolitan Consciousness of P.C. Barua.16. Anustup Roy- How “400 Blows” Deviates from Classical Conventions of Narration?17. Abhishek Talukder- Protest Film: Outwith the Obvious.18. Mehzad Ghalib-  Representation of the Women in the Films of Zahir Raihan.19. Pradip Biswas- Shaji N Karun’s Journey into Soul. Report20. Rainbow Fong- Window CNY. Film Criticism21. Dipsikha Bhagawati- Hellaro: Whetting the Esteem of Existence.22. Lalit Rao- Ashes on A Road Trip: An Independent ‘Road Movie’.23. S Viswanath- The Great Indian Kitchen: When Men’s Insouciance Rouses the Nora in their ‘kitchen maid’.24. Utpal Datta-  Avijatrik: A Cinematic Challenge. Festival Review25. Meena Karnik- 51st International Film Festival of India. CoverSubarnarekha: Ritwik Ghatak