India Chapter of the International Federation of Film Critics

E-CineIndia (April-June 2021)

ISSN. 2582-2500

April-June 2021

Editorial Board:
M K Raghavendra
Madhu Eravankara
Manoj Barpujari
Meena Karnik
N Vidyashankar
Prem Chand

Premendra Mazumder

Tribute to Buddhadeb Dasgupta

1. John W. Hood: Ullash, My Friend – Remembering A Long Friendship with Buddhadeb Dasgupta.
2. Sekhar Das: Flight to Eternity.
3. Sovan Tarafder: I Dream, Therefore I Am – A Hauntological Note on Buddhadeb Dasgupta.
4. Amrit Gangar: The Spatial Poesy of Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Cinematography – An Inference.
5. K M Baharul Islam: Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s ‘The Voyeurs’ (2007) – Treatment of the Private Space.
6. Partha Banerjee: Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Poetry.
7. Manoj Barpujari: Buddhadeb Dasgupta – A Humanist and Philosopher to the Core.
8. Siladitya Sen: Journey Through the Memory Lane.
9. Shoma A Chatterji: Buddhadeb Dasgupta (1944 – 2021) – A Brief Analysis.
10. Dipsikha Bhagawati: The Indigenous Chromosome: Reverence Personified.
11. Suresh Goduka: Realistic Imagery of The Dreamers.


12. Darius Cooper: Ghatak’s Devouring (And) Being Devoured (by) Mothers.
13. Anis Pervez: Death of A Samurai: Reader-Response Analysis of Rashomon.
14. Italo Spinelli: A Glimpse at Taiwanese Cinema.
15. Malek Khouri: Surrealist Nuance and Postcolonial Subjectivity – Youssef Chahine’s Alexandria, Again and Forever.
16. Sourapravo Chatterjee: Revisiting French New Wave – Aesthetics, Modernity and Cinema.
17. Anuradha Kunda: Pandemic And Post- Apocalyptic Films.
18. Amit Tyagi: Two or Three Things I Know About FTII.
19. Ankan Rajkumar: Haanduk – Tale from A Periphery Told with Finesse.
20. Diganta Dey: Financial Modeling of Indian Film Industry – Bubble or Reality.
21. Dipankar Sarkar: Meditative, Pondering and Singularity – The Cinema of Arun Karthick.
22.  Dipsikha Bhagawati: Ode to Water – Bridge.

Chidananda Dasgupta Memorial Competition on Film Criticism 2020: Certificate of Merit

23. Akshay Gouri: Thappad.
24. Amartya Bhattacharyya: Unmadiyude Maranam – Death of Insane – A Redefinition of Political Cinema.
25. Mridul C Mrinal: Busting the Myths of Socio- Cultural Representation in Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge – Ramanna Rai.


26. Pradip Biswas:John And the Hole – Pascual Sisto’s Empty Psycho-Thriller.
27. S Viswanath: Macbeth – Myopic, Miasmic ‘Inspirations’.
28. Shoma A Chatterji:Nasir– Unique Blend of Technique, Aesthetics and Content.
29. Utpal Datta: The Disciple – Serious, Committed and Entertaining.
30. Lalit Rao: Shameless.

Jury Report

31. S Viswanath: Southern Sonata – A Serendipitous Sojourn into Asian Cinemas.